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Late Night Chic

Lady Slipper is at once exuberant and elegant and approachable. A speakeasy lounge and restaurant situated in the basement of Bentonville’s historic Massey building, its unassuming location invites you to find it for yourself. Once inside, its intimate interior filled with rare art and unexpected décor begs you to stay awhile.  

Our Chef

Executive Chef Arturo Solis is a Miami native with a passion for travel, art, and history. Each of these interests inspires his approach to cooking, which showcases Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin American influences. Lady Slipper’s casual elegance is embodied by the color, finesse, and bold flavors of Chef Arturo’s plates - invoking the camaraderie of tapas bars, bistros, and neighborhood haunts.

Chef Arturo previously led the kitchens of Bentonville’s BlakeSt, Little Rock’s Capital Hotel, and Oklahoma City’s 21c Hotel.